Sunday, October 25, 2009

Football Night in America Live Blog 10/25: Week 7 featuring THE LONDON SILLY NANNIES!

Well the NFL played their annual London game with the New England Patriots playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or as they were cleverly disguised as, THE LONDON SILLY NANNIES! Peter Griffin was unavailable for comment.

Elsewhere, Brett Favre lost his first game as quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings in the Steel City in the best early kickoff game of the day, we have our first quarterback controversy of the season in San Francisco in honor of Mike Singletary's first year anniversary of his dropping trou in front of the team at halftime, and the unbeaten Denver Broncos, the winless Tennessee Titans, the one-win Detroit Lions, the two-win Seattle Seahawks as well as the .500 Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars all had their bye weeks.  Oh, the Eagles and Redskins play on Monday night against a possible Game Seven of the Angels-Yankees ALCS, but we also had six unofficial "BYE!" weeks with blowouts.

Texans 24, 49ers 21: QBC (The Quarterback Controversy Channel) is on the air, and Alex Smith saw action for the first time since November 2007, but their rally fell short.

Packers 34, Browns 3: Pack warms up for Judas Bowl II with a laugher against the Browns.  Eric Mankini, your thoughts?

Colts 42, Lambs 6: Lambs-Lying Downs next week a zero-star Gordon Forbes USA Today classic.  Can you give negative stars for a game?

Chargers 37, Chefs 7: Vincent Edwin Eupheres Erwin Boooooo Jackson was en fuego in Kaycee.

Patriots 35, Buccaneers Silly Nannies 7: See above.  Thank you, Seth MacFarlane!

Steelers 27, Vikings 17: Keith mentions former Mess catcher Mackey Sasser, and Favre is a big mashed up bag of Favre.

Bills 20, Panthers 9: Jake Delhomme threw three more INTs.  Anyone wanna replace him with the next guy?

Jets 38, Raiders 0: Jamarcus Russell replaced by Brad Gradkowski.  QBC still on the air in Bay Area.

It was at this point my computer delivered the virtual middle finger ala Stone Cold 3:16.

Bengals 45, Bears 10: Cedirc Benson proves revenge is a dish served best cold.

Saints 46, Dolphins 34:
 A clutch performance from Miami.  Grab throat, clutch hard.

Cowboys 37, Falcons 21: Once again, Stone Cold Miles AustinTM struck again.  WHAT?!TM

Enjoy either Game 6 of the ALCS or the Cardinals-Giants game.

Update 1: Arizona beat the Giants in a non-important Sunday Nuight Football game (in New York City at least), 24-17.


  1. It looks like we picked a good week to not have the live blog.

    What a terrible slate of games today, that is, unless you enjoy blowouts.

  2. I had the Red Zone channel on all day. So many blowouts, so little time. We may see this again in two weeks.