Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Calvin Cowherd Cowdouchebag Fails at ESPN History

There is an obvious reason that Calvin Cowherd isn't heard on ESPN 950AM/Fanatic 97.5 FM (nee "NOW 97.5" whose greatest programming stunt was to play Christmas Music on Halloween Day after the Phillies were the WFC) but is on ESPNU.

In discussing Comedian Boss Limbaugh's soon-to-be-kicked-out-of Dave Checkett's group to buy the St. Louis Rams, Cowdouchebag claimed that Keith Olbermann "wasn't a good sportscaster."

Really?  May I remind you that another network, ESPN 2 (or as we old timers like to call it, "The Deuce") that you work at on a show called SportsNation, began all the way back in 1993, and according to Wikipedia, who was the first guy to appear on the spinoff of The World Wide Leader in Sports?

  • The first program on ESPN2 was SportsNight, a sports news hybrid featuring Keith Olbermann and Suzy Kobler. The debut was noted by Olbermann's statement at the beginning of transmission: "Good evening, and welcome to the end of my career."
Well, Cowdouchebag, welcome to the end of your career.  I smell Worst Person nomination down the road...


  1. Colin Cowherd apparently did not learn his lesson fromthe first time he took on Olbermann.

  2. No WPITW for Cowherd......

    Oh well, I guess I can't blame him. After all, is there anyone more inane and already looked down upon in all of sports than Colin Cowherd? Why should Keith waste his breath on that piece of scum?

    /Not quite sure why I still continue to do so.