Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Your TBS Division Series/NLCS Announcers Are...

Well, the postseason begins in one week, and TBS hasn't wasted tome on who they picked for the announcers and as Jim Lange used to say "Heeeeeeeeeerre they are!"

Tigers/Twins vs. Yankees - Chip Caray, Buck Martinez, Craig Sager 

Angels vs. Red Sox - Don Orsillo, David Wells (and/or Dennis Eckereley), Marc Fein

Phillies vs. Rockies - Brian Anderson, Joe Simpson, David Aldridge

Dodgers vs. Cardinals - Dick Stockton, Ron Darling, Tom Verducci

NLCS - Caray, Martinez, Darling, Sager.

Geez, doen't anyone remember when Orsillo and Eck worked together?  Eck tossed out a couple accidental NSFW or Kids words.


  1. I am now officially rooting for the Braves to take the wildcard, just to listen to JFein complain about Stockton :)

  2. Good lord, no, kt. Phils had Anderson and Simpson last year (along with John Smoltz, but for obvious reasons, he won't be back) and they were not bad, especially considering Anderson is the Brewers regular PbP guy.

    And no Harold Reynolds this year? :-(

  3. Oh.....right......I forgot about that.

    //Wishes he got MLB-N at Bloom.