Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Phillies' Magic Number Is...


Tell them to get the champagne on ice, the fireworks on standby on the roof of the ballpark, the police on their motorcycles and bikes (horses and K9s are soooooo 1980), the overpriced authentic championship hats and shirts on the warehouse tables and those rally towels ready.  The Phillies, thanks to a riot act from Unca Cholly, beat the Astros 7-4 and the Marlins beat the Braves 5-4, earning good graces on the Christmas Card list for the third straight year.

Now, all that needs to happen is one Phillies win (maybe tomorrow - 9/30) or one more Atlanta misstep, and the 2009 NL East Championship Flag will fly over The Vault.  Come on Phighting Phillies, make October 1 meaningless for me when it comes to close calls.


  1. the overpriced authentic championship hats and shirts

    Funny story. As I was in the Philly airport leaving for Germany in July, I went into a store that sold some Phillies gear. 2 British guys were looking at them and admiring them until they noticed the price. Then in their best British accents, they said (and this is a direct quote)

    "24 dollars? Fucking ripoff!"

    It took everything I had in me to not laugh outloud for an egregious period of time....

  2. let me get this staright: you rather the Phils wrap it up Wednesday and go see the scrubs Thursday than be part of the clincher?

  3. Yes. I was at a clinching in 2007 on the last day of the season, kt. Something Washingtonians and Baltimore residents have not seen since January 2001.