Friday, September 18, 2009

Jason Whitlock is a Racist Fucktard

You really wanna know what's Jason Whitlock thought about the cheap shot that may have all but ended Donovan McNabb's season?

Don't call this the race card. It's the star card. I'll be very interested to see how the NFL responds to Donovan McNabb's season-opening injury in comparison to Tom Brady's a year ago.

The rulebook was basically re-written after Bernard Pollard hit Brady in the knee and ended Brady's 2008 season. Now you can't hit a quarterback below the knees, especially if you've been blocked to the ground.

Hmm. So McNabb scores a touchdown last Sunday and two Panthers linemen jump on him in the end zone for no reason, cracking one of McNabb's ribs.

Will we see a rules change?

Last year there was even a discussion about fining Pollard after his legal and ethical hit on Brady. The hit on McNabb was unethical and borderline illegal, but I don't hear any discussion about fining anyone.

Bullshit. It is about race. Tom Brady is white, Whitlock's boy, Donovan F. McNabb is black. There should have been a fifteen yard late hit penalty thrown by Jeff Triplette - yes, the same Jeff Triplette that was attacked by an angry Cleveland Browns player a decade ago. And Whitlock's a black guy.

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