Monday, September 21, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 09/21/09

The Tie: Purple with navy dots.
Number 5: Hatch F-7 was introduced to reduce excise taxes to any state starting with the letter U, namely Utah.  And strike the word "fee" with replacement word "tax".  Healthcare reform is getting crappier by the second.  The Good Oldboysandgirls Party is adding, deleting and changing everything.  President Obama hit every Sunday talk show except Fixed Propaganda Sunday, and visits Letterman tonight (9/21).  He says we have 80% of the reform in place, and said that on the race card dealt by Jimmy Carter that he was black before the election.  meanwhile, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) refused to call the 44th President of the United States "socalist", but he called him such in the past, right Lawrence O'Donnell?  And let's say hi to Chris Hayes from The Nation to bring up Sen. Charles Grasslie (R-IA) and his ten amendments.

Number 4: Send more troops to Afghanistan?  President Obama is against any unless there is a plan that works, but General Stan McChrystal says if we need more troops in a secret memo leaked by The Washington Post, especially in a fraudulent election from an Adolph XLIII appointee.  Steve Clemons from tells all.

Oddball: Twenty Six years ago, James Watt had a plan to lease coal lands.  He of the great Beach Boys lag.  In a West Allis, Wisconsin one popcorn user at a bank and his wife kicked a perp.  Meanwhile, outside 10 Rock, we have the tallest man in the world.  And 5,000 chickens escaped from a turned over truck, right Ernie Ansataos at Fixed 5 in New York?

Best Persons: 3 - A spoof of one of New York's Finest Vanity newspaper were handing out spoofs reading "WE'RE SCREWED."  2 - Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) is dumb.  1 - Gov. Kenneth The Page (R-LA) stopped ACRON funding.  Nice try because there's NO ACORN funding in Louisiana.
Musical Segue: The Hues Corporation's "Rock The Boat."
Number 3: Question: What's the biggest lie at Fixed Propaganda Channel with Prof. Harold Hill's eleventy zillion attendance 9/12 rally (which ask why he wasn't there) when an associate producer was leading cheers.  Fixed Propaganda disciplined her, and asked where the other networks didn't cover it, except everyone was there.  Billo accepted an award from some far right wing nutgroup that did not allow the media to watch, and stalked Jesse from Fixed Propaganda.  
Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)
Bronze - Change Congress and Mediaite claims Olbermann has no journalism cred.  Stick it, you jagoffs.
Silver - Sen Jon Cornyn (R-TX) is involved in a Good Oldboysandgirls Party mass mailing of a survey.  Nitwit.
Gold - Prof. Hill wants to make September 28 a day of fasting and prayer.  The Jewish faith already has that: It's called Yom Kippur. 
Number 1: Craig Ferguson just gave away a trip to Las Vegas, the Schycelles Islands, and a Toyota Prius with his old friend Drew Carey today on the season premiere of The Price is Right, and fired him again from his days on The Drew Carey Show.  Now he joins us to get his views of Miss Wasliia 1984 not allowing American journalists into the room when she speaks to Chinese billionaires.  BTW, Ferguson's showcase was the winner because the other contestant overbid her home theatre and new Chevy HHR showcase by over $3,000.

Time for me to watch WWE RAW.  See you tomorrow night.

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