Monday, August 3, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 8/3/09

And look who's back from vacation!

The Tie: Navy, silver and white stripes.

Number 5: And so with big pharma, big hospital, big insurance, the Good Oldboysandgirls Party and the far right wing jagoffs trying to prevent the poor from federal health care reform with phony protests with actual videos disrupting grass roots meeting on the interwebs all brought to you by the fake teabaggings. (No, it's been three weeks, and the heads needed to be gotten out of the gutter, and ashamed to say that they bused the into Philadelphia yesterday [8/2], and ashamed native Michele Magalgangbang Malkin endorsed it.) And Sen. Bernard Sanders (I-VT) saw through the ruse in it all, joining us to explain the monopoly. Meanwhile, Chris Kofinis explains why those nutcases backed by the GOP and the far right crazies disrupts everything.

Number 4: Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has admitted the stimulai program is working, especially that Cash for Clunkers project, and he wants to stop the program. Nice work, Sparky. Dan Gross, senior editor of Newsweek is here to explain Mr. Two Face's stance.

Oddball: In 1940, Ramon Estavez was born. We know him as Martin Sheen. Feliz Cuplianos. So, Tiger Woods, what you say as you rip one? In Turkey, the biggest EPIC FAIL in implosions when a old flour factory rolls over and plays dead.

Best Persons: 3 - Ms. Maglagangbang again blames government cheese. 2 - Nancy Genovise watched Prof. Harold Hill's show was that a airbase was a secret FEMA base, and she came with semi-automatic weaponry. 1 - And speaking of Mr. Hill, he says the Cash for Clunkers site is where Obama is taking over your computer. Glenn, GET OFF THE INTERNET, YOU PINHEAD!

Musical Segue: "Somebody's Watching Me" by the good people of Geico, Rockwell and the late King of Pop. And it's not the money I'm saving, either...

Number 3: They found this "birth certificate" proving that Barack Husein Obama was born outside the USA. Compliments of Orly Tates. Mumbasa, Kenya. Not part of Kenya until 1963, and not a republic until 1964. Signed by D. F. Lavender. A popular laundry product...and a bunch of Geckos not owned by Geico. (Running gagg'd!)

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World, the Fixed Noise "Hoya Paranoya Will Destroya" Part Deux edition)

Bronze - Brian Steler makes up a story in The New York Times about Keith and others about the Bill-O impressions.
Silver - And speaking about Skeezix, remember that comments about the MF'er serving iced tea two years ago in Harlem?
Gold - Pirate Rupert has now muzzled Bill, Glenn and others because he thinks they might be exspressing their own views, not those at NewsCorpse. What, that hasn't changed, has it?

Number 1: A special comment on Congresspeople taking the money and running on healthcare. The video is below.

And the Glenn Beck, Pirate Rupert and Skeezix impressions came out of retirement tonight! See you tomorrow.


  1. This is probably the first and in all likelihood the last time I ever correct you on music (seriously, you're like a genius at identifing Keith's music), but the "Somebody's Watching Me" song that is used in Geico is NOT the original by Rockwall and Michael Jackson, but rather by a duet named Mysto & Pizzi. It is a modern cover of the song.

    Here's the YouTube version of the Mysto & Pizzi version that's used in the Geico commercials:

  2. Wow, do you have any idea what actually went down tonight? There were indeed reports of a Fox News/MSNBC truce (not just from the NYT guy, not sure why KO singled him out). Notably, one of them said that they would just end personal attacks. And while Olbermann did his whole schtick and unretiring of the impressions and what not, O'Reilly did not say anything on this issue. Isn't it also ironic that Olbermann is bashing the New York Times for a report? O'Reilly, who has never shyed away from attacking the NYT, remained mum on the issue of the truce. Very interesting, and in a way, very WWE-esque in that today might have been the set-up day for the months to come.

    Another intersting tidbit: Richard Wolffe has gone from hosting episodes of Countdown to receiving the Dana Milbank treatment, having essentially been kicked off the show.

    Absolutely incredible. And to think that I considered him one of the few regular guests to have a decent amount of credibility.

    Stay tuned to my blog as I have a post coming up on perhaps the dumbest move that MSNBC has ever made. And given my recent history of completely tearing apart Olbermann (I do hope you understand what I am saying about this guy that you're a diehard fan of, I am curious as to your opinion as you have been mum on my thoughts), you'd be surprised that this (likely) has nothing to do with him.

  3. Oh, BTW, that was the original version played in the segue out to the ad last night (8/3).

  4. "Somebody's Watching Me" by the good people of Geico, Rockwell and the late King of Pop.

    I had not seen the segment at the time, but that's not what I was correcting. Olbermann used Jackson and Rockwell however Geico uses the Mysto & Pizzi version that I linked to above. So it's not technically brought to you by Geico.....

  5. Technically, he did use Jackson and Rockwell. 'Nuff said.

  6. He used Jackson/Rockwell but added GEICO in your blog. GEICO uses the cover I linked to. That's the point I was making, not the version that Keith used.

  7. The "GEICO" turned into a running gag later on...