Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 8/26/09

Tonight will be a bit different as per the passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), so there will be no Oddball, Best or Worst Persons.

The Tie: Black.

Number 5: "The Lion Is Gone." The headline of an extra edition of The Boston Herald posted this morning after the passing of Sen. Edward Moore Kennedy. For 47 years, he served the state of Massachusetts in the Senate, and President Obama will deliver the eulogy this Saturday at the funeral, and burial will be near his two brothers, John and Bobby at Arlington National. And across both parties, the tears and remembrances were flowing. We get Brian Williams on location from Hyannasport from the compound. In his letter to the governor of that state, Sen. Kennedy asked that the laws be changed so that there will be an interim nominee to take his place. A friend of the lion, Mike Barnicle joins us also at the compound for his memories.

Number 4: The battle of health care reform preoccupied Ted Kennedy before he even entered the Seante. Lost the same battle four times, and named President Obama as his successor in the war. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) remembers the reforms that Sen. Kennedy brought about. As the 44th President said "I'll do it for Teddy."

One year ago today, Sen. Kennedy delivered a speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and in bonus footage from Chris Matthews' Kennedy Brothers special, Bob Shurm, Kennedy's press secretary, recalled the event saying that he would not say three sentences at Pepsi Center. It actually brought tears to his eyes.

Number 3: Ken Burns was topped 365 days ago, that not even a kidney stone would stop Sen. Kennedy for his introductory film. He joins Keith to share his memories. The senator's memoirs, True Compass will be published next month.

Number 2: Lawrence O'Donnell joins us for his memories about Sen. Kennedy, and the legacy he leaves behind.

Number 1: Michael Beschloff answers the question on wether or not Ted was the greatest of all three Kennedy brothers.

As for us, it will be back to the regular format tomorrow night.

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