Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 8/11/09

You may have noticed a little change or two as noted on the sub head of the title. ERT would have been four years old this month. So to our old friends - Becky, et al - here's a tribute on your anniversary by doing "Old School" with the ERT format.

The Tie: The color purple. It makes girls wanna make Whoopi... (Stella, aka Karen Scioli, the check's in the mail!)

Number 5: Three town meetings, three different results. President Obama held a town meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The real Americans that turned out from screened guests, and protesters from the lemmings of Miss Wasilla 1984 on the "death watch" on their grandparents. Obama 44 denied the whole mess. Meanwhile, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) tried to pull questions from a fishbowl. That turned into an immediate shouting match and booing on abortion questions, and even asked if anyone wanted to drop Medicare. And there was a fight. Sen. Arlen Specter (D-PA) was asked if ever read the Koran from a guest who was ejected for protesting too much. meanwhile, President Obama forefronted his speech stating there will be options that will make them affordable, and no one will be cut between you and the doctor. Lawrence O'Donnell, throw your two cents in.

Number 4: Meanwhile, a man with a firearm that was a protester - Richard Ryan - at 9:40 AM EDT and was arrested. See you in court. Meanwhile, we have the racism daily double: Black congressman, a swatiska vandalized on his office sign. Rep. David Scott (D-GA) the victim. Meanwhile, a Michigan Democratic representative faced worse than those in the 1960's, and two reps in Florida had a health care town meeting, and one of them was angered to see so much racism and wrong things, that person left. Prof. Mellissa Lacewell Harris from Princeton University joins us recalling her youth in the 1970s.

Oddball: On this date in 1946, Marilyn vos Savant was born. yes, that's her real name... In Thailand, a baby elephant fell into a manhole. Cue the bulldozer, and the Dumbo jokes. In Holland, another flying bicycle...bicycle...I love to ride my bicycle...

Best Persons (The Big Lies about universal Health Care): 3 - Inverstor's Business Daily says Steven Hawking would not qualify for British National Health Care. 2 - Gregg Jarrett blames Nancy Pelosi as a Nazi on Fixed Noise. 1 - Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) says the angry mobs are welcomed at his anti-health care meeting.

Musical Segue: Some sorta Motown music.

Number 3: So, where did Tina Fey Evil Twin Sister's fear of death panels for Universal Health Care come from? How about poor management of her state's health system for the elderly. Federal results saw those in The Last Frontier were plagued with problems. Sen. John Isakson (R-GA) has even denounced it all. Shannyn Moore (no, NOT Matt Hardy's Number 1 MFer) joins us from Anchorage with more.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - Skeezix says too much of ratings and the cover of Parade and such. there's no news on Fixed Noise...just hate.
Silver - Prof. Niall Ferguson compared Obama to Felix the Cat in the Financial Times.
Gold - Dick Morris claims that there will be terrorized Democrats. And Fixed Noise did not do a thing at all, just like they did with Prof. Harold Hill and the Obama "racist" comments, and now have lost Geico and Sargento Cheese as sponsors of his telecast paranoia hour.

Number 1: The ashamed native Philadelphian Michele Maglagangbang Malkin is now being challenged as the voice of the new female voice of the Good Olodboysandgirls Party by Megan McCain, you know, John's daughter? The one who slammed Coltergeist and Laura Ingraham by saying that they should shut up after attacking her. BTW, is it just me or does Ingraham sound a lot like Roseanne on a bender? Chris Kofinis is here to put some insight on the whole mess.

There you have it. I will see you tomorrow night for more sanity gone mad.


  1. I saw The O'Reilly Factor last night (I'm telling you, JC, watch his show for a week, even if it has to be the 11:00 re-airs and your opinion of him will change entirely; he is NOT the person KO claims he is) and when he opened up the show with his Talking Points Memo on the Fox News ratings, I knew that instantly that Olbermann would come up with an attack tonight (he really is that predictable). I am yet to WPITW so I can't comment directly on what was probably a bogus twisting of the numbers, but the bottom line is when it comes to ratings Fox completely dominates all aspects. Hell, even the 25-54 demo which Keith occasionally won is more or less an O'Reilly blowout every night at the 8:00 hour.

    there's no news on Fixed Noise...just hate

    And what exactly is the Worst Person in the World segments and most of Olbermann's special comments?

  2. I will see you tomorrow night for more sanity gone mad

    Nice to see you are coming around to my new-found views of Olbermann. ;-)

  3. That "sanity gone mad" is in fact the whole Town Hall Meetings.

  4. I understood what you were talking about (and it was funny too), but that line could have described many others as well. ;-)