Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Praise Jaysus! Comcast Keeps NFL Network, Adds ESPNU And ESPN360.com

When we last checked in a few weeks ago with the talking between Comcast and the NFL Network, things were at a stalemate until Brian Roberts, the chairman of Comcast and NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell began getting involved. And sure enough, all that talking came finally to fruition.

With lawsuits against one another being dropped, Comcast and the NFL Network jointly announced in both Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Philadelphia this day (5/19) that the network and the number one cable service in the USA there has been an agreement to keep the channel on the service, and move it by August 1 from the Vince McMahon Memorial "Sports Entertainment" (read: extra $8/month) tier to the Digital Classic tier. But that wasn't the only news from the City of Siblingly Love today. It also opens the door to other cablers like Time Warner, those stubborn bastards at Cablevision (Rangers and Knicks suck, as does NewsDay) as well as Cox and Charter to talk about getgting the network on their systems.

The company has announced as of September 1, ESPNU and for all you high-speed interwebs freaks like me, ESPN360.com are being added. It's about time. Do you know how many Big Five and Temple football games were carried on ESPNU the last four years? A lot, and unless we had a satellite dish, we were screwed.

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