Saturday, May 23, 2009

Apologies On No Live Blog

I would like to apologize for not having a live blog this evening (5/22). I had a long night of sleep and missed the show.

However, you may have noticed a new subhead. ManCow Muller of WLS-AM 890 in Chicago did take a waterboarding challenge and lasted all of six seconds and did indeed state that indded he feared for his life, proving Sean Inanity is inded chicken$#!+. As a result, Keith will donate $10K to Veterans of Valor, and so I will donate $1.00 to same charity ASAP. You still can contribute by e-mailing me at, though the most financial ones though were scams for British Lottery prizewinnings...

Other highlights from my dazed and confused stupor:
  • Gov. Rich Perry (R-Texas) wants to use $11 million in stimulai to repair the Texas governor's mansion to win WPitW. Runner up was the folks at Verizon who wanted to have an Ohio sherriff pay $20 to reactivate a customer's phone that he defaulted on. CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?! And second runner up goes to Liberty university, a/k/a Moral Majority Tech for kicking a Christian Democratic club off campus.
  • And a beauty from WDIV in Detroit, you know, the station that ran the crawl of Matt Millen's Detroit Lions career in the Super Bowl Sunday in America pre-game back in February? Mr. Eaton Beaver turned 69 that day.
    Matt, was that you? Sadly, Post Newsweek, owners of WDIV, had the video removed from YouTube.
  • Oh, yeah they ran the new "Follow the Bouncing Boss Limbaugh" graphic in a repeat of Wednesday's WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT?!? moment. It registered a 4.2 in the West Palm Beach area from what we understand.

Anyway, recap of Mr. Olbermann on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in a bit.

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