Monday, May 11, 2009

The Future Mrs. Olbermann Gets a Job at The Weather Channel

The future Mrs. Keith Olbermann will be chasing tornados for the next few weeks over on The Weather Channel.

Katy Tur, Keith's fiance who just happens to be pictured on the left-hand side of this story, comes over from WPIX-TV in The Big Apple and will work on TWC's Vortex program for the next five weeks. BTW, TWC and MSNBC are partially owned by NBC Universal, thus your legal note du jour.

It should be pointed out that Ms. Tur is 28 years of age, and Keith is 50. If a female looking for a younger man is called a "cougar", what would older men dating younger ladies be called, lucky?


  1. That a boy, Olberman.

    How about "Lions"?

  2. Sarcasm Mode "ON": Except in Detroit, then they'd be called "hopeless". Sarcasm mode: "OFF".