Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Subhead is Right: A Penny a Second For Waterboarding Inanity

No kidding. I just can't afford $1,000/second like Keith can thanks to his Olbermann Broadcasting Empire. So, as long as Inanity wants to do so (hey, it's been a week since he's been triple dog dared by ex-NBC Universal employee Charles Grodin to do so), I'll pitch one cent a second to Keith's charity of choice; and it will be doubled if Inanity admits to being scared for his life.

If anyone wants to match (or exceed) my penny-a-second pledge, leave a comment with the amount you will make per second or e-mail me via

Let's all make Inanity take the Waterboarding Challenge as it were.


  1. Seeing as I'm just a mere college kid low on cash as it is and trying to keep every literal penny that I have for my future, then I will take on a slightly different challenge.

    If Sean Hannity is waterboarded, I will quit blogging and commenting on blogs for a week. If he admits that it is torture, it will be 2 weeks.

  2. I just upped the stakes a bit for myself.

  3. While that picture of Sean Hannity is absolutely hilarious (I never thought I'd be so jealous of Inanity ;-)), I think I found a better one. Look at his Wikipedia page and look at the caption and see where that picture was taken......I LIVE 10-MINUTES AWAY FROM THERE!!!!!!!!!!*

    *My actual home, that is; not where I go to college.

  4. Until I find a better photo that's even more hilarious than the one I'm using...that pic's staying.

  5. I just thought it was funny that the pic was taken to a place that is literally 10-minutes from my house and is also at a place that I frequently visit. But yeah, Sean Hannity at a strip club, that is hilarious. Like I said above, I never thought I'd be jealous of Inanity....