Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 4/14/09

The Tie: Red with white micro pindots.

Number 5: The only tea party I want to attend is as Alice in Wonderland (pictured from this past Halloween on your left) with a Mad Hatter, a March Hare and a Doormouse. Tomorrow (4/15) across the country there will be teabagging (No, not the Greg Paulus style as listed above) sponsored by the far right nutjobs like Dick Armey (gutter much?) and Fixed Noise even as President Obama says the economy is getting better. And Americans, according to a Gallup Poll, we're okay as far as going to pay taxes. Richard Wolffe, is that a grasroots thing gone corporate?

Meanwhile, Neil Cavuto claims that Fixed Noise was there for the Million Man March. That was a year before Fixed Noise premiered. Nice work there, Slap Nuts! Let the Tea Party Fixed Noise promotions begin, and the video is here.

Breaking News: Blago will be on the NBC version of I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!, and hopefully will with the blessing of the court. Remind me not to watch, just like the ABC version a few years ago.

Number 4: W Is For Whitewash: Plenty of upraised right arms and lots of seig heils at a Adolph XLIII reunion down in Dallas last night except for the abscences of fellow gerstapo members Don Rumsfeld, Turdblossom, Herr Goebles Cheney and guest ex-director of misinformation, er, White House press secratary Scott McClellan. They are names, but soon will have numbers in front of them.

Oddball: In 1904, Sir John Geilguld was born. "I'll alert the media." We have an update on Vince Offer Schlomi and his arrest a couple months ago. At 80%-Owned-By-The-Taxpayers Field, in Flushing Meadows, we had a stray cat on the loose hitting Gov. David Patterson (D-NY) and a wild pitch went through the netting in front of Mayor Bloomburg.
So that's why Keith wasn't there last night! *Palm slaps himself*

Best Persons: 3 - More fun at 80%-Owned-By-The-Taxpayers Field, as there was a flyover not as loud as the takeoffs or landings at LaGuardia. 2 - Billo criticized Professor Harold Hill on piracy in Somalia. 1 - Robert G. Kaufman spoke on rebranding the GOP, and to get a TV network.

Musical Segue: Merrie Melodies theme, complete with Porky Pig saying "Th-th-th-that's all folks!".

Number 3: The Junior Senator from Minnesota of the Decade, He... Al Franken, has officially won the race, but Republicans Norm Coleman (the former seatholder who will send it to the state's Supreme Court) and Gov. Tim Palenty will not allow it. Everyone is now telling them to give up the ghosts except for the Grand Oldboysandgirls Party's Senate Fundraising arm. Marc Elias, the lead attorney for Franken's recount, joins us.

Still Bushed!: 3 - Homeland Security book cooking for a dozen secret tests back in April 2006. All in an e-mail to Jacksonville International Airport in Florida...you get an F-minus-minus! 2 - Pakistan's new president signs a law to allow the Taliban run the country. 1 - Ari Flesicher wants to tax the poor ten percent according to his article of The Murdoch Street Journal.
Check the math...

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)

Bronze - Harold Hill dislaikes gay marriage in church.
Silver - Inanity says Bernie Goldberg was wrong on Somali pirate rescue by President Obama, and...
Gold -
Comedian Boss Limbaugh blasts fellow right wing nut Jonah Goldberg for that same rescue.

Number 1:
And so, Bo, the White House's Portugese Water Dog was welcomed into their new living quarters. Keith calls it a story that his producers are making him cover. Bo is named after Mrs. Obama's late father, Diddley, and because Ted Kennedy's breeder provided it instead of being from a shelter, they made a donation to the American Humane Society. Twitter us, Craig Crawford if you will.

Hey, Keith's going to talk baseball on Rachel's show, so I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Ah, Keith is back!

  2. Did you see the video of Glenn Beck's guest fainting yesterday? Too funny.

  3. Yes I did and Professor Harold Hill was in panic mode...

  4. I'm pretty sure I'd be in panic mode myself if I were hosting a national TV show and my guest proclaimed he was going to pass out. Credit to Beck though, despite his initial not recognizing, he did well by grabbing the guys hand and not letting him hit the floor at full impact.

  5. Nonetheless, that video is hilarious and Beck's reactions crack me up everytime I see that video.