Thursday, April 23, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 4/23/09

The Tie: Caramel, silver and black stripes.

Number 5: All the thwarteted terrorist attempts on the Library Tower in Los Angeles was NOT avoided by waterboarding. The arrest was in May of 2002, not August of that year. Or was it in February of that year? Even Grand Oldboysandgirls Party House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) admitted that his party was aghast about it. Attorney General Eric Holder and Defense Secratary Robert Gates agree on what has already come out. "Matthew Alexander", the former USAF interrogator and author of How to Break a Terrorist tells us more about it. His name of course is a psuedonysm for security reasons.

In the torture debate there was no way Adolph XLIII according to an agency at The Pentagon known as the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency explaining that everything was based on failed Chinese torture for one William Jim Haynes, former top lawyer in Arlington, Virginia, who killed it off altogether. Well, Richard Wolffe, plausability and accountability is blamed on whom?

Number 4: Back to Rep. Boehner and that moment of clarity, steering away from the stalking, er, talking points, and wanted to go send the Democrats down in flames with him. But his spokesperson tried to drag it out as a liberal comment. Nice try, bonehead. We had all the
MXC refernces when we had Teabagging last week, and we don't need the smoke up our arrears. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi said that there was some opining at the Office of the Legislative Counsel about. Well, Chris Hayes of The Nation, does this make sense to anyone?

Oddball: In 1564, we believe William Shakespere was born. In Marietta, Pennsylvania, there was likely a new texting record...and a unlimited texting plan almost cost $26K. In Russia, there are light decoys. THEY ARE BALLOONS!!!

Number 3: War Crimes 101 for you, especially those of the W. Is For Whitewash fans. Just ask Prof. Harold Hill about waterboarding or the Gestapo of Adolph XLIII. Or Comedian Boss Limbaugh slapping himself. Waterboarding has happened twice, and both times, the words "court marshal" was invoked. And we caught a Japanese soldier along with a sherriff in Texas doing such. Then there's Fixed Noise blowing up. Bottom line: it's illegal.

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World)
Bronze - Is there global warming? Past WPitW winner Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) calls President Obama's engery plan worse than 9/11.
Silver - Little Jessie Watters, one of Billo's stalker/producer junior brownshirts (the other Prter Potty. Oh, sorry. Porter Berry), asked about the teabagging group and Janeane Garifalo's racist comment after buying GE stock to attend a shareholders annual meeting, and Billo complains that Olbermann got Obama elected.
Gold - Billo now says Nixon did not meat Chairman Mao, and instead said Cho En-Lai. Cue the archive film.

Number 1: Well, kids, Inanity has Boned the Fish (the replacement for Jumped The Shark, a site ruined by TV Guide, and not an obscene reference, so please get thine head out of yon gutter.) What does he want to do? Get waterboarded for charity, the families of the troops with former NBC Universal employee Charles Grodin laying down the challenge. Keith's going to put up $1K a second, and he'll double it if Inanity admits it's torture. Bring your own or other network cameras, too. Lawrence O'Donnell believes that and then some.

See you tomorrow night, and don't forget (plugola) our LIVE DRAFT COVERAGE this Saturday (3/25) starting at 3:30 PM US EDT!

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  1. Flyers are winning 1-0. Aaron Asham scored on a rocket.

    Malkin had appeared to tie it up but it was disallowed as he clearly kicked the puck in without getting his stick on it at all.