Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 4/28/09

(Guest blogged by JFein from Fire Andy Reid Now)


The Tie: Gold with silver and black stripes

Number 5: As mentionned below, Arlen Specter is now a Democratic Senator. He has already aggrevated the GOP by supporting the Stimulus Bill and this is unlikely to make those people happy. The Republicans are trying to play this down as a local story that Senator Specter wanted to be a Democrat solely because he knew he was going to lose the primary in 2010. Al Franken getting in the Senate would make it a filibuster proof majority. Chris Matthews, quite a bit of an expert on Pennsylvania politics, joins us.

Just as a quick aside while we're at commercial: I've often felt that the one problem with Countdown is that Keith never debates anyone on his show. And right there, he had the perfect chance to debate Matthews who was making loudly making a point about the switch of Specter and Keith just awkwardly laughed it off as if he did not agree with Matthews and ended the interview. And he could have argued the other way as well. Matthews claimed that people would question Specter's character with his sudden change of party and Olbermann could have easily gone the other way and said, "well, he is already more popular among Democrats than Republicans and he had stated that it was because he no longer wanted to identify himself with Republican idealogy". That one improvement would make Countdown perfect, but Keith often seems too scared to debate anyone (watch the interview: you could tell Matthews was inviting the debate too).

Number 4: George W. Bush has made his first statements on the Obama Administration. And surprisingly, he believes that those who committed war crimes should be punished. Wait......what??????? And now there is discrepency over the CIA Report over the Abu Zubaida waterboarding. Four times and he lasted 30 seconds or was it way, way, way more? Eugene Robinson joins us for more.

Oddball: It's been six days since Hannity said he would be waterboarded, five days since the charity challenge, and he has said nothing for four days. You've got a rather different type of animal calling a cat "mommy". Meanwhile, rockets are blasting thousands of feet in the air on YouTube.

Best Persons: 3 - James Howard falls at the wrong time. 2 - A man was attacked by a robot and now has 4 broken ribs. 1 - Some conservatives believe that Stephen Colbert does not really play an idiot conservative on The Colbert Report but he is actually a conservative.

Number 3: Ashamed native Philadelphian Michelle Malkin and disgruntled former beauty pagent contestant Gretchen Carlson and the rest of Fixed Noise are on a delusion that the Swine Flu came through illegal immigration when really it was because of a Catholic School who spent the summer in Cancun. Margarette Carlson of Bloomberg news (no relation to my university; the spelling is completely off) joins us to give us more on this story.

Number 2 (Worst Persons In The World)
Bronze - Michele Bachman got a new appointment because of her dumb statements on natural gas.
Silver - Brian Kilmeade actually said that John McCain cannot speak on the issue of torture because he was tortured.
Gold - Bill-O The Clown saw Turdblossom talk him down from one of his grand delusions tying NBC to the demise of the Republican Party.

Number 1: More on the unfortunate "photo-op" from yesterday. It is not yet known whether or not Caldere will keep his job. As the sub-text under my blog title of Fire Andy Reid Now! used to say, "Idiocy has no limits". NBC's Brian Williams joins us with more over the Obama Administration's first known ginormous gaffe.

Thanks for joining me! I hope I did JC proud....
EDIT FROM JC: You sure did...hope you don't mind the minor editting for formatting.


  1. I am telling you JFEin, you do not want a fillabuster free senate. Look what happened when the Republicans controled everything!

  2. Also to add on to the last post. You watch by 2010 the majority of democrats will be elected out of both the senate and congress. Also look at what happened when one political party controled the Excutive and Legislative branches.

    Spector is an idiot. He will loose his seat to a republican in 2010.

  3. Specter is quite popular here in Pennsylvania, so while his character will now be questioned, he could still win.

    I agree with you 120% about the fillibuster free Senate. Absolute power, regardless of who is in control, corrupts absolutely.

  4. Still 1-1 in the Caps-Rangers game after 2 periods.

  5. Just to add on, though, I do not necessarily think that every vote will fall 60-40 fillibuster proof if this does happen. Moderates like Specter can swing one way on some issues and other ways on other issues.

  6. We can only hope JFein.

    Also did Olberman talk about the idiots that approved that fly over NYC for a photo?

  7. Yes. The White House Military Officer was Worst Person In The World yesterday and he is doing an interview with Brian Williams on it next.