Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Countdown Live Blog: 4/8/09

The Tie: Navy blue.

Number 5: Oh yes, the GOP does not want you to spend money when President Obama is upping the ante on the defense budget. And oh, yeah, the Congressional oversight of the TARP wants to sack a lot of executives. So, special guest in studio Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), any thoughts about the Good Oldboysandgirls Party "gutting" The Pentagon?

Number 4: Attorney General Eric Holder found a case where Adolph XLIII was wrong on illeagal wiretapping. One case out of twenty lawsuits. Meanwhile, a lawyer who wants to sue our government saying that he cannot sue them over secret illeagal wiretapping, Kevin Bankston from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, explains this for us.

Best Persons: 3 - A 69-year-old German drove away from a three car accident and then wrecked a house, then got in an ambulance that was in an accident. 2 - Someone at thinks Norm Coleman lost to Al Franken. And National Review agrees. Rich Lowry erection excluded. 1 - Roger Ebert gives two thumbs down to Billo The Clown, putting his newspaper, the Chicago Sun Times in Bill's Hall of Shame, and compares him to Squeaky the Chicago mouse.

Musical Segue: Barnicle Bill the Sailor.

Number 3: An ex-Marine Dittohead revolting. The caller, Charles, a vet voted for McCain, has a problem with Comedian Boss Limbaugh and blames him for losses by the GOP in the election and calls Limbaugh "brainwashed" and a Nazi. Then, hilarity ensues! Hey, Chris Hayes from The Nation, what do you believe is going on?

Number 2 (Worst Person in the World, The Fixed Noise Edition Number Whatever)
Don't forget, tonight's nominees are eligible for the Friday week ending honors...
Bronze - Ex-beauty queen Gretchen Carlson is saying Social Security is bankrupt. About 73 years early.
Silver - Pirate Rupert says Google and Yahoo! steal material just like The Murdoch Street Journal does.
Gold - Glenn Beck the paranoid one is at it again about Grand Theft Auto and all video games in general.

Number 1: Billo has started a legal defense fund for Miss Wasalia 1984, the Evil Twin Sister of Tina Fey. Some stories are so easy, they deserve a laugh track. Meanwhile, Levi Johnston claims he has broken up with Ms. Fey's Evil Twin's daughter Bristol because he was being used in the election, this after a visit to Tyra Banks' show. Oh, the manna from Alaska keeps Craig Crawford feeling giddy!

Hoppy Easter ya screwy rabbits!

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