Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a Reminder...

There's going to be a plausably live blog tomorrow (4/21) as JFein is scheded to pinch hit for me. I'll be at the Phillies-Brewers game. Please be nice to him unless Shuster's in...


  1. Like I said in the email, I'm not a guarantee tomorrow. Worst case scenario, I do a "plausibly" live blog from the Countdown website Wednesday at 11 AM (after my classes).

    Remember the last time that the Penguins won the first 2 games of a series against the Flyers and the Flyers won Game 3?......Best. Hockey Game. Of all time.

  2. And, there's also the possibility that Shuster will be in the chair instead of KO (as he was tonight), thus rendering the blog useless.

  3. And, it is indeed Shuster. Looks like you get yet another night off, JFein.

  4. I'm 3 for 3!!!

    According to Shuster's Twitter feed, Keith is ill....but wow, how odd is this.