Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's Over for Nova...And It's Starting For The WFC.

Villanova's "Cinderella" run ended last night in the most sloppily way possible.  Happening in the remants of the biggest audience to watch an NCAA National Semifinal doubleheader (many of whom were rooting for Michigan State, a three-hour drive away), The Cats fell to North Carolina to the tune of 83-69 before what was left of 72,456 fans.

What was the main cause? The three-point line was not friendly to Villanova, as it had been to previous UNC oppoents like Oklahoma, and Heel out trey'd the entire team.  The pressure defense didn't show up, and Carolina were in track meet mode all night long thanks to Tyler "Beaker" Hansbrough and that Lawson kid.  Still in all, the Cats have a Regional Championship trophy to show for their efforts, and can hold their heads high in spite of their efforts.

Meanwhile, after 161 days since the last time they played a game that had meaning in their home, the World F. Champion Philadelphia Phillies will wear gold-trimmed uniforms tonight as they begin their defense of their title at home against the Atlanta Braves (Derek Lowe vs. Brett Myers, ESPN2, 8 PM US EDT).  Holding the honors of a Sunday only package gave me an opportunity to be in a lottery for the right to buy a ticket to Opening Night (adjective, not a brand name) which I won.  I also entered for non-season ticket holders, but I lost out, but that's different.  I will be there in person to watch a flag rise above Citizens Bank "Chan Ho" Park in person with the words "2008 WORLD CHAMPIONS" on it.

Hopefully, live blogging resumes tomorrow.  And BTW, because JFein didn't get his cance to fill in for that, I've given him the April 13th show to do.  The WWE's "Draft" is that night. Hey, I have to watch that, i can't do this gig full time as you know.


  1. I'm live blogging the game tonight.

    Just out of morbid curiousity, where are your seats?