Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Mourning After

At 11:51 PM EST last night (11/4), the reign of the Philadelphia Phillies as baseball's world champions came to an end, and survivors of an Indonesian earthquake will now be getting these:

Yup, the same shirts (with caps) that were placed in a macy*s ad.  Damn you sons of bitches.

It will be back to normal next week with the live blogs returning.


  1. You know what, though, congrats to the New York Yankees. They deserved it. The Yankees capitalized on their opportunities and the Phillies did not, it's that simple.

    I mentioned this in the live blog, but buying players and a team is really only half the battle. The collection of players really has to gel together and form an actual team and the Yankees did that this year. They have been rewarded handsomely for it. You really should not have left as early as you did. Despite the loss, we had a lot of fun and I think it helped ease the pain of that loss.

    But despite it all, the Phillies did have their chances last night. In one of the later innings (6th or 7th, I want to say) the Phils had 2 men on with 2 out and Mr. November at the plate. What happens? He looks at strikes 1 and 2 and goes around on a check swing on the next pitch to complete the 3-pitch strikeout. A homerun would have made it a 1-run game and just a basehit would have brought the tying run, Ryan Howard, to the plate, who at that point, had already launched a 2-run shot earlier in the night.

    Regardless, though, you have to proud of these Phillies. Sure we all expected them to win but plain and simple in this World Series the best team in baseball this year beat the 2nd best team in baseball this year.

    I did an extensive post on this, but the Phillies will have a great opportunity next year to come back. They were by far the best team in the NL, are in a situation where really the only thing they can do is improve (November 2010 will be a completely different matter, as I also discuss in said post), and have to be looked at as a favorite to make it 3 straight World Series appearances. Sure the Mets and Braves will make a huge signing or 2 and everyone on ESPN and Fox and sports writers across the country will forget about the Phillies, but that's a good thing and that's exactly where lots of teams are at their best, under the radar.

    I do wish there would have been a game 7, though, just for the sole reason that I could put "Remember remember the 5th of November" as the scoreboard header. ;-)

  2. The "Damn you sons of bitches" was directed at macy*s.