Sunday, November 15, 2009

Football Night in America Live Blog 11/15/09: All Green. All Week. All Nice.

As Week 10 came on Thursday with the 49ers beating the Bears 10-6 thanks to five Jay Cutler completions to reshirted 49er players, the Giants and the Texans had the last bye weeks for the season.  Here now, the Sunday recaps.  Again in honor of Green is Universal Week, we're doing all green lettering.  In addition, Keith and Dan will recycle their 1997 SportsCenter jokes.

Titans 41, Bills 23: There a flag football game, and TO was pissed.  So if you picked November 15th in the "TO implodes on the sidelines" pool, congratulations!

Dolphins 25, Bucs 23: Dolphins roared back on an INT by Chad Henne and Cadillac Time Anderson, but the Fish won on a Dan Carpenter FG with five ticks to go.

Panthers 28, Falcons 19: Will the real Jason Elam please be cut tomorrow after missing a field goal?

Saints 28, Rams 25: Too close for comfort, the Breesers go to 9-0 for the first time in history.

Vikings 27, Lions 10: Next week, The Pillow Fight of the Millennium between the Brown Outs and the Lying Downs.

Jaguars 24, Jets 22: MoJo Drew ran for a touchdown and a Los Angeles Jaguar tripped over the invisible ghost of Jimmy Hoffa. Josh Scobee wins with the walkoff 20-yard FG.

Redskins 27, Broncos 17: Hunter Smith's 156.3 rating was more than enough to win this but Kyle Orton was injured late in the first half and Chris Simms was resurrected from the dead. 

Bengals 18, Steelers 12: A muffed PAT after a 96-yard TD on a kickoff return by Chris Brown was not the difference,  but the loss of Troy Palamaulu and his Head and Shoulders hair was the painful truth.

Chiefs 16, Raiders 10: Someone had to win the Pillow Fight of the Week, and Jamal Charles helped out.

Cardinals 31, Seahawks 20: They had the lead those Seahawks...and then realized they were in Arizona to play the Cardinals.

Chargers 31, Eagles 23: The game was over at halftime.  Donovan McNabb tried to make it better, but on the first anniversary of that awful tie against Cioncinnati where the game actually ended, the Birds lost.

Packers 17, Cowboys 7: Eighty-five percent of the country was tuned into this snoozefest.  In the end, Aaron Rogers beat Tony Romo.

Okay, enjoy the game of this week, Tom Brady-Peyton Manning, and next week, flexing takes effect.  Except that there will be no flexing next week.

UPDATE: In a moment that made Barry Switzer proud on 4th and 2 from their own 28, Pats coach Bill Belecheat went for it and was short.  That allowed Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts to stay unbeaten with a 35-34 win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

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  1. @ JC: The Eagles did more then make that score look better. They were a 33-yard pass and a 2-point conversion away from tying it!