Monday, November 30, 2009

No FNiA Live Blog This Week; We'll Give You a Recap of Week 12, Though

So there was this Japanese Pop Culture convention this past weekend (and no, Justin, this was not my excuse for missing the Redskins-Eagles game or my lack of being online for the RedZone watch this week) and hence no Football Night in America live blogging because the Sunday events ran a little late.... Like about two hours.

So before I do the recap of this Sunday's (11/29) games for you, here's what the NFL served up on Thanksgiving (11/26).  Yup, three more games that were turkeys.

Packers 34, Lions 12: Let the debate begin on wether or not Detroit deserves their annual game because the team sucks.  They actually led at one point 7-0, though.

Cowboys 34, Raiders 7: Let the debate continue on why the NFL should have placed the Chargers in this prestigious game instead of a Raiders team that is pathetic as they are.

Broncos 26, Giants 6: And let the debate start on Josh McDaniels cursing out his team on the sidelines when NFL Networks had live mikes and a magic 13-letter word to the OTA channels in New York and Denver.

And now, the Sunday games in order of start time and importance.

Sea! HAWKS! 27, Lambs 17: Too bad the good people of the Gateway City didn't see this game due to the blackout rules and only 47,500 fans (if you can call them that) showing up.

Bengals 16, Poor Brownies 7: Eric Mankini will be fired.  We're taking odds right now on the date and time this will happen.

Jets 17, Panthers 6: Jake Delhomme threw four more interceptions.  If I was the coach in Carolina, he just earned the demotion to third string mop up clipboard and baseball cap duty.

Bills 31, Dolphins 14: It was 14-7 Miami in the fourth quarter and then the Bills finally arrived with a 24-point explosion capped by T.O.'s 51-yard catch from Ryan Fitzpatrick.  And the Dolphins looked like a big old mashed up bag of Miami Vice DVDs. (Sorry, Justin.)

Falcons 20, Buccaneers 17: Quoting sages "Good teams find a way to win games, bad teams find a way to lose them." Matty Ice was hurt with a toe injury, so Chris Redman takes the W for him in this one.

Colts 35, Texans 27: The Houstonians actually led this game at recess 20-7.  Peyton Manning showed up for the second half, though and made the Colts 11-0.

Eagles 27, Redskins 24: Washington lead 24-16 with 11:45 left in regulation.  Then Jim Zorn let the team rest. Iggles then score next eleven points as David Akers (from...Louvul!) kicked the winning 32-yard field goal with 1:52 left.

Chargers 43, Chefs 14: Throwback logo in the end zones for San Diego as LaDaimlian Tomlinson climbed into the Top Ten list of all-time NFL running backs.

49ers 20, Jaguars 3: Eastern Time Zone teams continue to struggle in the Pacific Time Zone this season.  What else is new?

Vikings 36, Bears 10: Did we mention that that Favre guy was the reason next week's Patriots-Dolphins game was flexed out for Minnesota-Arizona? Da Bears were pa-thet-ic.

Titans 20, Cardinals 17: Holy 2006 Rose Bowl and Don Pardo's pants, Batman!  The Vince Young Redemption Tour resumed with a game-winning 18 play, 99-yard 2:37 that included going for it on 4th down inside their ten yard line. Kenny Britt finished the game off with the winning ten yard catch from Young beating Matt Leinart - again - and the Trojans Cardinals. Kurt Warner missed the game with a sprained neck.

In the Sunday Night contest, a game that went into bonus cantos sans Big Ben for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Charlie Batch, third string quarterback Dennis Dixon was intercepted by Paul Kruger and Billy Cundiff's 24-yard walkoff field goal gave the Baltimore Ravens a 20-17 win.  And in the 97th edition of the Grey Cup, Les Alouettes de Montreal kicker Damon Duval got a second chance on a field goal attempt which was wide left after the Saskatchewan Roughriders (not to be confused with the defunct Ottawa Rough Riders) were caught with thirteen men on the field (It's Canada, they play twelve-a-side football there) and nailed a 33-yard walkoff field goal to win the Canadian Football League championship, 28-27.  Too bad most of America didn't see that game.  Live.

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  1. That Eagles game was turned around by Avant's 2 great catches. Zorn's ineptness only secured the victory from there on out. ;-)

    Please explain to me what is so funny about that "mashed up bag" line, especially seeing as there is nothing funny about where it came from. Actually, I take that back, you probably find the initial utterance of that even funnier than it's constant usage on FNIA....

    And please actually publish this, instead of ignoring all of my comments that are not football strategy related or do not contain the phrase "OMFG I LOVE OLBERMANN"