Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blatant Plugola For a Story on Another Site

I paid a favor to our pal Mookie over at Stupid Sideline Reporters following a comment he made during Conference Championship Sunday this past January that he owed me doing a story anytime.

I paid up in full with interest this week.  Each week during the NFL season, he does a weekly feature titled "What the Losers Are Saying," where he collects the comments of blogs of teams that didn't do very well that week.  In case you missed it, the Cleveland Browns held a 24-3 lead near the end of the first quarter.  What happened to them in Detroit would then become the NFL's biggest implosion since The Kingdome went "Boom goes the dynamite," as the home town Lions came back to win the game (which is usually an oxymoron in Detroit) 38-37.

Here's my special "What The Losers Are Saying" featuring the Cleveland Browns Epic Failure.  Just wanted to use this for my 400th post after all.

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