Sunday, November 1, 2009

Football Night in America Week 8 11/1: Sixty Minute Men and Judas Bowl II

It's only a sixty-minute show this week as we return to standard time, due to a baseball game between the Yankees and the Phillies, and with the added bonus of Judas Bowl II between Brett Favre and his old team, the Green Bay Packers in his old stomping grounds.  The byes this week are for the Patriots and the winless Buccaneers, the Bengals, the Steelers, the Chiefs and the Redskins, a two-touchdown dog against bye. Speaking of byes, Costas gets one, as does Alvino and Collinsworth...and Keith?

Lambs 17, Lying Downs 10: In the Gordon Forbes USA TODAY Memorial Negative Star Game of the Millennium, Saint Louis wins their first game since 1999.  Actually, November 9 of last year.

Bears 30, Browns 6: The less said the better.

Cowboys 38, Seahawks 17: The Cowboys face the Eagles next Sunday night.

Texans 31, Bills 10: TO had a 29 yard TD run, and threw his team under the bus.  This is a recording.

Colts 18, 49ers 14: More Letterman material, and Joesph Addai had more touchdown passes than Peyton Manning.  What's wrong with this picture?

Dolphins 30, Jets 25: Do not kick the ball to Ted Ginn, Jr.  DO NOT KICK THE BALL TO TED GINN, JR.!  DO NOT KICK THE BALL TO TED GINN, JR.!!! Two kickoffs returned for touchdowns (100 and 101 yards).

Eagles 40, Giants 17: Good lord it was 30-7 at halftime.  I hope the Phillies play like that tonight!

Ravens 30, Broncos 7: Was it just us or were the no-longer-unbeaten Broncos just bad after their bye week?

Chargers 24, Raiders 16: The long season continues on the East Side of the bay.

Panthers 34, Cardinals 21: Kurt Warner had fibve INTs.  Jake Delhomme didn't.

Titans 30, Jaguars 13: Vince Young starts at QB, and there were four runs of 50-plus yards for touchdowns (two by Chris Johnson, two by Maurice Jones-Drew) for the first time in NFL history.

Vikings 38, Packers 26 (Judas Bowl II): Welcome home, Brett.  man, did you have a homecoming!  Four TD passes at GB, first since 11/14/04 against the Vikings.

Enjoy Game 4 of the Series.  See you next week.

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