Sunday, November 8, 2009

Football Night in America Live Blog 11/8/09: Week 9

Bye weeks for the Jets, T.O., the Bills, the Browns, the Rams, the Raiders, Brett Favre and the Vikings...

Jaguars 24, Chiefs 21: MoJo Drew was a beast.  Too bad they didn't see it in Jacksonville.

Buccaneers 34, Packers 24: Ronde, the better looking Barber twin brother, returned a blocked punt for a TD and the team wearing 1979 unis won their first in the Chris Berman "Bay of Pigs" classic.  That popped cork you might have heard was the 2008 Lions celebrating last team winning.

Falcons 31, Redskins 17: DeAngelo Hall is a douchnozzle.  That is all.

Bengals 17, Ravens 7: Bengals sweep the season series.

Colts 20, Texans 17: Kris Brown shanked a 42-yard FG as time expired.  Colts still unbeaten heading into next week's showdown with New England.  Speaking of the Pats...

Pats 27, Dolphins 17: Will the real Wildcat offense please stand up?  Randy Moss kicked butt.

Cardinals 41, Bears 21: Tommy Harris went Mortal Kombat on the Arizona Cardinals and was tossed.  There went Da Bears.

Seahawks 32, Lying Downs 20: 17-0 Lying Downs and then they left the stadium...

Titans 34, 49ers 27: Vince Young was the winner over Alex Smith in Quarterback Redemption Bowl 2009.

Saints 30, Panthers 20: Saints go to 8-0.  Two unbeatens left.

Chargers 21, Giants 20: Dare we ask how Tom Cough-it-up-lin feels about this game? AND NORV TURNER'S COACHING ACTUALLY WON A GAME! Vincent Edwin Elvis Don't Call Me Bo Jackson wins it with a 18-yard catch from Phillip Rivers with eighteen ticks on the clock.

Enjoy Eagles-Cowboys.  I'll pull a Texas and El Paso.

Update: Looks like the Birds got screwed 20-16 losing a time out on a bad spot by the refs to the Cowboys.

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  1. For once Norv Turner was instrumental in a San Diego win. His coaching won a game for the Chargers, it really did!!!

    (see live blog for breakdown of what happened if you can't wait)