Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Random Stuff

Well, since Keith has been unseen on the TV screen for the last couple weeks, here's a couple random items to keep you in the "Things that make you go 'Hmmmmmm'" mode:
  • Penn State had a great year on the football field last year before heading to Pasadena and losing to the University of Southern California. The Nittany Lions are considered favorites to repeat this year, with the return to Pasadena in all possible one way or another as the BCS title game will be there. They can also take honor if they go all the way as they have been named by The Princeton Review as America's Number One Party School.
  • Yeah, that moron with the laser pointer should be banned from every park.
  • Did anyone notice that LPGA golfer Sophie Gustenson wore a Phillies cap at the Evian Masters this week in France. The Red Planet is now universal.
  • It looks like Roy Halliday will stay in Toronto for the rest of this season.
  • Michael Vick should be banned from the NFL for life because of the illegal gambling undertones in dogfighting. There I said it.
  • The Washington Nationals finally did something right. Josh Willingham hit two grand slams against the Brewers last night (7/28).
  • Sam Rosen, Tim Ryan (the ex-football player) and Chris Myers (yes, Hollywood himself) for the Eagles-Panthers September 13? The Phillies will still be on the forefront for a couple more months until their season is over. It was the other way around in 1998 and 1999.


  1. Keith seems to do this every year during the summer (Rachel filled in last year). This is his vacation time. I'd imagine he would be back sometime this week.

    I disagree with you about Michael Vick. He did his time and I honestly feel that he is a changed man. Besides, everyone deserves a second chance at life.

    And to just think, I was that close to going to the biggest party school in the nation. Damn. I really have to find some way to get myself to a PSU football game....

  2. Hate to correct you JC, but Josh Willingham was the one who hit two grand slams.

  3. actually, Dr. Howard Dean is filling in tonight and tomorrow. curious to see how he handles the teleprompter.

    RIP to Jim Johnson.

  4. looks like KO will be a guest on Countdown tonight, discussing Pete Rose.

  5. that purple polo KO's wearing is sharp