Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Countdown Live Blog: 11/26/08

We have 54 days until the inauguration of Barack Obama, we've had 2,037 days since "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq, there's 29 days until Christmas, one day until Thanksgiving (and a short recess from the live blogging for that holiday weekend until Sunday Night's Football Night in America) and 66 days until Super Bowl XLIII in Tampa.

The Tie: Green.

Number 5: First, how the day before giving one's thanks went as illustrated by two presidents: Obama has his third presser in three days naming Paul Volker as chairman of the new fiscal oversight commitee as it were. What Mr. Bush was officially doing will be reported later on. Question: Are there too many Clinton holdovers? Answer: It depends on who you ask. Obama is promising change, and tells Baba Wawa to forget those holiday bonuses, illustrated by the misspending AIG's CEO now getting $1 in salary. Those who are going to food banks are up by a third from last year. Richard Wolfe is asked if Obama's the president right now, and it seems that way because it's a real recession, not a Neighborhood of Make-Believe King Friday XIII recession. The National Security team will be announced next week (December 1-5).

Jonathon Alter is in the studio to discuss the imfamous recession that started with tax cuts that went to the working class to the rich. Like many sports teams, the rich (major markets, power franchises) got richer and the poor (small markets, weaker teams) were given the scraps. Hence where the bailouts go, Wall Street first, Main Street afterwards. Even Bush XLIII delayed his turkey pardon photo op by a half hour to allow Barack XLIV to have another press conference.

Number 4: The Indian financial capital of Mumbai (fomerly Bombay) was attacked by terrorists, and the updated numbers (as stated beforehand) stands at 82 dead, over 120 injured (including one American) on an out-and-out attack of Americans and British as hostages. Nice way to start the holiday weekend here in the States. The unkonwn group used AK-47's, hand grenades and other assualt weapons and bombs. Roger Cressey joins us to explain it all with the hostage drama, which takes place in two hotels. Other sites: Two hospitals, a train station, and a couple eateries.

Oddball: Get well Allissa Genardi, in the hospital for Thanksgiving. Cops in chase in New Mexico, and the perp in a moment of stupidity when he gets run over by his own truck. And in Virginia, a Union soldier is eaten by a dinosaur. What the guy is doing is beyond stupid...

Best Persons: #3 - Kushiro Zoo in Japan has problems with polar bears making whoopee. They were females. #2 - A group of people was released after making whoopee in the Metrodome, girl released to her husband; male released to girlfriend. #1 - Washington, DC robber was blinded with red dye. Pants fall down. And as they say at, "Hilarity ensues" as he had no skivvies!

Musical Segue: "Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This" by The Shirelles. Wow, my oldies station flipped to a Classic Christmas format today, too.

Number 3: Tonight's "What Do We Now" segment does ask about the terrorist moments, Gitmo, waterboarding, torture, other stuff. No pardons for those from Bush XLIII, no charges from Obama. A commission forthcoming, but Jack Goldsmith, possibly a suspect, says fat chance. John Dean is surprised by the way this is going to go, as difficult as it may seem.

Bushed!: #3 - More pardons of those inculding the executives involved in the imfamous 1980 Savings and Loan swindling fiasco. Lots of them. From Texas. #2 - Richard Sanders addressed Robert Mukasey and was called a "tyrant!" #1 - Karl Rove claimed "At least at the White House I was in, policy won out." Yeah, right. Who in the bluest of blue hells are you to explain that? Welcome to Dream Street.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World):
Bronze - An executive about Sarah Palin from an internet radio station. Hey, where are the French Canadian pranksters now that we need 'em?
Silver - Glenn Beck thinks that the states that didn't vote for McCain should succeed. Say, remember when the Civil War was fought and the dinosaurs were around?
Gold - Andrew Ross Sorkin and The New York Times started the fact that GM workers made $70/hour to blame those who brought about the current crisis. That had been a lie, it's $28/hour. The whole thing was dishonest as if it ever was. Insert the line that the Times has a great comics section.

UPDATE ON NUMBER 4: Indian hostage crisis and mass murder gets sadder.

Number 1: Oh, the hilariousness of the Sarah Palin Turkey pardon slaughter goodness...the parodies have started. President Bush has pardoned Pecan and Pumpkin to Disneyland for tomorrow's Thanksgiving activities. The tradition by the way, did not start with Harry Truman as many thought, but with Tad Lincoln, Abe's son.

Now back to Sarah and the Turkey Slaughter. David Letterman chimed in with a Top Ten list of her excuses, you betcha! There's also parodies all over those interwebs from amateur filmmakers, and the best comes from Backgrounds including Carrie, Monty Python and the Holy Grail ("It's only a flesh wound!"), Misery, Saturday Night Live and other fun stuff.

Well, that's it. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and remember the words of The Big Guy, Arthur Carlson, who said at the end of the famous WKRP in Cincinnati "Turkeys Away" episode, which has become a Thanksgiving tradition its' self on America One TV and WGN America: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly."

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