Friday, November 14, 2008

The O Files FAQ (Which will be updated whenever I like as it were)

So you have questions, I have answers. Here we go...

Who are you?
I'm a native Philadelphian, born and bred in The City Of Sibling Love and lived here for all my life except for six years in the middle of nowhere, also known as Emporia, Virginia, forced to do so by my mom. I was a writer for three years while there for WGN's The Bozo Show, sending in scripts for the show and getting $50 for every one. I also have dabbled in newspaper writing and even doing introductions for a bad horror movie show in Philly called Saturday Night Dead on KYW-TV.

I am a fan of all Philadelphia sports teams pro and college (I loved it when Chase Utley officially declared "World [EXPLETIVE DELETED] Champions!") and mark out for pro wrestling, especially WWE.

Why'd you call this blog "The O Files"?

Ah, yes, that question. A tribute to Mr. Keith Olbermann, the master of all that is Countdown on MSNBC and a witty reference to the old 1990 Fixed, er, Fox Broadcasting series The X Files. We (the olbermann fans) are out there, we know who we are.

Needless to say, if you have a question, post it and I'll try to answer it for you...and yes, I have a Braille cover copy of Keith and Dan Patrick's The Big Show in my possession.

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