Sunday, February 21, 2010

Why I Am Ignoring USA-Canada Men's Ice Hockey...As Well As The Rest of the Winter Olympics

Today brings about the biggest international hockey game involving the USA in three decades.  And it will NOT be broadcast in the good old USA on free TV.  That's right.  The National Broadcasting Company, worldwide leaders in ladies' hygene products called douchebags, point out the the Olympics are dominated in the rating by women 18-49, especially in prime time, with "plausably live" broadcasts since 1992 that are even more "plausably live" on the West Coast and have ignored the triple dubs and ESPN for spoilers, is telecasting the game on MSNBC, which BTW was not forced upon them by Uncle Keith.  And what's NBC showing?  The most gayest event in the history of sports, ice dancing.  That's right, motherfucking ice dancing!

NHL officials, especially Gary Bettman, the league's commissioner, are furious, and are now officially considering pulling out of the next Winter Olympiad four years hence in Sofia, Russia.  Okay, NBC fucked up both Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien (soon coming to the Fox Broadcasting Company channel near you this September), get bashed on a regular basis by Billo the Clown, and now THIS?  Douchebags - wait, check that - douchenozzles indeed.  And J. Pierpont Comcast is taking over.

If I was Gary Bettman, I tell the head of the International Ice Hockey Federation to stick it four years from now.  Then I tell Comcast to go away when the NHL deals with NBC and Versus expire.  Finally, I open bidding for the OTA and cable contracts combined for ESPN on ABC ABC and ESPN, Fox and FX, and CBS and Spike TV (or any combo of these) hope one of them gets the next pair of Olympics following London.

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  1. Well I had a response all typed out, but I clicked the wrong button and lost it all. Basically it went like this

    Basically this is a double-edged sword. If they put it on MSNBC, they risk alienating hockey fans by refusing to put the biggest U.S. hockey game since the 2002 gold medal game OTA, but if they do put it OTA on NBC, then they risk alienating hockey fans as this would cause it to be tape delayed on the west coast and apparently Bob Costas would be called in to do periodic updates on ice dancing that could mean we miss a goal. While some people won't be able to see it (and that should alienate some people), at least will be uninterrupted and live coast-to-coast.