Saturday, February 6, 2010

Twenty Eight and a Half Inches of Snow...

For the second time in three months, a major blizzard has hit Philadelphia and their environs, dumping a total of twenty eight and a half inches of snow and approaching the 1996 storm.  I lived in the hellhole of the universe, Emporia, Virginia back in 1996 and had a foot of ice.

It could have been worse... If you lived in Ridley Park in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, thirty inches of the white stuff fell.  SEPTA was shut down, the Airport was open, but no flights were to be found, and they should have cancelled the Villanova-Georgetown game in DC after a blizzard warning was issued.  The Cats got a roll of stamps and mailed it in.  Me thinks the mayor of DC would like to speak to Teddy Leonitis, the Polin family (owners of Verizion Center) and Georgetown University's athletic goons - er, department - for producing this fiasco.  If I ran the city, slap them with a six-figure fine for everyone... namely $100,000 each for a direct violation of orders.


  1. A FOOT OF ICE?????????? HOLY SH!T!

    Now I know why you call that place a hell hole. Has it all melted yet?

    Up in Bloom we only got 4-5 inches of snow.

  2. I believe it did in March of that year.