Monday, January 4, 2010

Countdown Live Blog 1/4/10

The Tie: Brown, tan and gold stripes.

Number 5: The pause of the guy who wanted to burn his BVDs as AP says that new security measures have not been enforced, especially in the Mideast.  Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano and her sidekick, John Brennan are happy, unless the fear card played (yet again) by the Good Oldboysandgirls Party waiting for the boss of your Transport Security Administration as Brennan says the Ayatollah Dickcheney complains that they're trying to fight within the Obama administration.  Shut the fuck up, Cheney.  First, Richard Wolffe tells us what's going on, and then we are joined by Mama Bear Arianna Huffington her her view.

The burning you see is that of the ears of the Ayatollah Dickcheney thanks to Keith's quick comments on the comments he made about the near bombing as a new feature about quick comments. Mr. Cheney, I believe you know Mr. Arnold, Benedict.

Number 4: So who dropped the ball at the CIA on the underwear bomber aboard NWA Flight 253?  We bring in Evan Kohlman to examine the psychology of this.

Oddball: William MacDonald discovered some islands off Australia.  Drag a sparking Coke machine behind a truck.  The Burj Chalifa in Dubai opened with a fireworks display. It's the world's tallest tower.

Number 3: Comedian Boss Taitz Limbaugh is in favor of socialized health care.  The kind for those who earn $33 million per year and had a heart failure. Then the House and Senate will bypass negations to ramrod the Health Care Reform bill passed.  Ezra Klein from The Washington Post tells us more, tells us more, what did Boss say there...

Repeating the EARTH SHATTERING BREAKING NEWS, Richard Wolffe clainms the administration's intel fail may have been intentional.  As in make someone look bad.  The summit on this tomorrow (1/5), with President Obama's comments around 4 PM US EST.

Number 2 (Worst Persons in the World)
Bronze - Scott Rassmussen's bio at is a joke.
Silver - Former beauty queen Gretchen Carlson brings up ACORN again.
Gold - L. Brent Bozell the Clown awarded Ed Schultz a character assassin award for those death panel claims except Boss Taitz Limbaugh did the same thing.

Number 1: Brit Hume, former Fixed Noise host has officially gone senile.  He wants Tiger Woods to give up Buddhism.  Small problem with that, Brit: Tiger is a devout Christian.  Dan Savage Love joins us to tell us Don Imus knows the way of the Buddhism rebirth.

With that, see you tomorrow!

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