Monday, December 14, 2009

As the Character on the Left Says "Eh...What's Up Doc?"

The deal is all but done.

Roy Halliday is coming to Philadelphia, but it will be a steep price for a Cy Young Award winner.  How steep, you ask?  Last year's ace, Cliff Lee will go to Seattle, and prospects from both the Mariners and Phighting Phillies will head to the Toronto Blue Jays.

All in all, it's my birthday in 1972 all over again, when the Phillies traded Rick Wise to St. Louis for a left-hander named Steve Carlton.  Wise had hurled a no-hitter that season beforehand and both wanted pay raises.  What happened?  Lefty went 27-10, won four Cy Young Awards and became the Phillies' all-time greatest southpaw, and Wise became a jouneyman pitcher, so much so, Carlton's #32 was retired.  And therein lies the rub.

Roy will have to pick a new number out.  May I suggest #23.  After all, 130 wins in your career will do that.

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