Sunday, December 13, 2009

Football Night in America Live Blog 12/13/09: Week 14

Only 12 shoplifting days left until Christmas.  For two teams, there still is perfection.  For the Cleveland Browns, they have played themselves out of the top draft pick next April with a 13-6 win over Pittsburgh as stated below in the Week 14 NFL Live Blog.  As for Sunday...

Bills 16, Chefs 10: Ho hum, another long winter in Kansas City.

Texans 45, Seabags 7: Boom goes the dynamite by Brenard Pollard.

Ravens 45, Lying Downs 3: Safe cheerleading on the sidelines.

Acme Packing Company 21, Decatur Staleys 14: Oldest Rivalry in pro football continues.

Jets 26, Suckaneers 3: The Bucs are now on the clock as we speak.

Dolphins 13, Jags 10: See, Jacksonville, they don't see this on TV!

Pats 20, Panthers 10: Carolina had a lead...and then they played the second half.

Vikings 30, Bengals 10: The Brett Favres have clinched a playoff spot.

And now for the unbeaten segment of the program...

Colts 28, Broncos 16: Brandon Marshall is officially out of the Sean McDaniels doghouse with the breaking of TO's 20 catch game a few years ago, but Jim Caldwell gets the win.

Saints 26, Falcons 23: Next for N'Awlins, Dallas.  Next for Indy: Jacksonville, which will be a sellout. Both on the NFL Network.  Sorry, kids, that's the joke.

Redskins 31, Raiders 17: The JaMarcus Russell must go down and must go down hard.

Titans 47, Lambs 7: Vince Young was hurt.  KERRY COLLINS SIGHTING!

Chargers 20, Cowboys 17: Remember, the Cowboys never play well in months that start with either a "D" or a "J".

Enjoy the Eagles-Giants.  I have Christmas shopping to do.

UPDATE: In what was described by a Denver writer as this game was not flexed out as "a boring game", the Eagles now own the top of the NFC East after a 45-38 win over the Giants.  However, both trent Cole and a Giant were tossed for swapping punches on the field.


  1. @ JC: I know that you probably did not see it, but take my word for it, that Eagles-Giants game was one of the least boring games of the season. Simply an incredible football game.

  2. Looks like I'm right. Dallas-Washington remains the Week 16 Sunday nighter.

    Jags are too obscure of a market for primetime, Dallas could face Appalachian State and draw huge ratings, and it is one of the league's biggest rivalries, so no real surprise there when no other option stood out like a sore thumb.

    Denver-Philly surprisingly moved to 4:15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this means that the Eagles have exhausted nat'l TV games, right, or will they be allowed 1 more Week 17 primetime, as the NFL likes to bend the rules a lot when it comes to that week.

  3. No. Eagles have one PT left. three guesses where that might be on January 3...

    Post tomorrow on this.