Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh, Here We Gooooooooo... The 2010 Eagles Boycott Is About To Begin

Remember this?  It looks like according to Adam Schftner at that The Mother Fucking God Damned Cocksuckers at One NovaCare Place are going to keep Michael "Dogkilla" Vick for another season.  And as a result, I will boycott the 2010 Philadelphia Eagles season if this happens.

Frankly, I'd rather support PeTA than a animal abuser that should have been banned for life.


  1. *double palmslap* - cause one palmslap is not enough to describe the stupidity (not to mention immaturity) of your narrow-mindedness, short-sightedness, and lack of intelligence on this matter.

    Do you know that the only reason the Eagles are keeping him is so that they can try to get something of value in return?

    And has a thought of a Vick trade even crossed your mind? The Eagles would have been absolutely stupid and barking mad to NOT pick up Vick's option because not only has he proven he can still play (even if used inappropriately by Andy Reid), but there is value to be had there. Are the Eagles simply not going to pick up his option and not get any value for him at all? Absolutely not.

    As far as Schefter saying that the Eagles will keep him for the year, well duh, he is going to say that. The Eagles have 3 QBs all of whom are not guaranteed to be on the team, do you think they would come right out and say Vick is the QB they are trading? Again, absolutely not. About half the league wants McNabb, the other half wants Kolb, and another half would be more than happy to take Vick. And guess which QB the Eagles would want to trade the most right now? You guessed it, Michael Vick.

    They see Kolb as their future and (rightly or wrongly) they see McNabb as their starter. They would have to be wowed to trade them.

    Enough of my brief summary of Basic Football for Dumbasses, and moving on to pointing out the flaws of your laughably idiotic "Vick boycott".

    The Ravens signed Donte Stallworth a couple of weeks ago. Where is the faux outrage and moral indignation over that??? Where is your boycott of the Baltimore Ravens? Stallworth was legally intoxicated and drove 50 in a 40 zone when he ran over and killed somebody! Surely you want to boycott them for signing him, no? Surely you won't watch a single Ravens this year, right? After all, you want to be consistent, don't you? So go on! Announce you are boycotting the Ravens over this! Because frankly, if you don't, that would make you a hypocrite. And you don't want to be that, do you? Then again, seeing as you worship a hypocrite and dedicated a blog to said hypocrite even though you don't do a single post on him anymore (more hypocrisy!), I guess it would not surprise me.

    And are you going to boycott the team that signs Plaxico Burress (you know: the guy who illegally possessed an object designed to kill people) when he is released from jail? Because if you don't, once again, you are making yourself a hypocrite. And are you going to boycott the team that gets Vick if and when the Eagles trade him in a few months? Unless you just value the lives of dogs and other animals over the lives of humans, in which case, may I suggest some psychotherapy?

    Go ahead and not publish this. Just know, if you don't publish this, it will only be one of your many other examples of hypocrisy that, through Olbermann, you used to (misguidingly) criticize Republicans all the time for.

    Now as much as I would like to think that this is the part where I challenge my inner-you and demand a fruitless apology, sadly, I fear that I just wasted 2 hours typing something that you will not take to heart. Heck, you probably only got halfway through it, screamed that I am a "cocksucking douchebag" and deleted it without every getting to the point where I ask you, to please, think about what you say and deprive yourself of. You can not like Vick, yet that does not mean you have to go on a crusade like you do and write a blog post that reads more like a comment from The PETA Files and less like a blog post.

  2. Random question: would your friends say you were a really shy person?